RFX (BEP20) Trading Competition on PancakeSwap

Reflex token (BEP20)* trading competition on PancakeSwap is started!

We'll send 60k RFX on the BEP20 network to the top 10 addresses that will have the most net buying volume from PancakeSwap.

The "net buying volume" is calculated by the BUY VOLUME minus the SELL VOLUME.

What do you have to do to participate?

  • Buy $RFX from PancakeSwap
  • Your volume need to be positive, so more buying then selling.
  • Hold RFX because all the holders of the Reflex BEP20 token receive a % from all the transfers forever.

What is the reward?

The top 10 by the net buying volume will receive a share of 60k RFX as follows:
  • 1st place  --> 13200 RFX
  • 2nd place --> 10800 RFX
  • 3rd place  --> 9000 RFX
  • 4th place  --> 6600 RFX
  • 5th place  --> 5400 RFX
  • 6th place  --> 4200 RFX
  • 7th place  --> 3600 RFX
  • 8th place  --> 3000 RFX
  • 9th place  --> 2400 RFX
  • 10th place --> 1600 RFX

How will the distribution work?

You don't have to do anything, just buy RFX. We will send the tokens to the winners based on the address that bought more RFX, so the winners will receive the reward to the same address used to buy the tokens on PancakeSwap.

START DATE: 21 February 2022
END DATE: 7 March 2022

We hope you will enjoy it! Good luck.

*(if you want to know more about the Reflex BEP20 token on the BSC network click here and read this article)