All ways to earn Reflex Token ($RFX)

Reflex has become famous for its Cloud Mining application, but in recent years we have launched many other new platforms and earning opportunities available to everyone that increase the use cases of $RFX tokens.

In this article we are going to enclose all the platforms and apps available so far. Some of you probably missed some, so here you go:

Reflex Cloud Mining

Reflex Cloud Mining is a cloud mining app that allows users to earn $RFX. With Reflex Cloud Mining, users can activate their cloud mining for free and start earning $RFX.

One of the benefits of Reflex Cloud Mining is that users can earn $RFX passively by staking their coins in the app. Staking is the process of holding onto cryptocurrency in order to support the network and earn rewards. By staking their $RFX, users can earn a percentage of the network rewards without having to actively mine or trade.

Additionally, users can also invite their friends to use the app and earn a percentage of their friend's earnings for as long as they remain active on the app. This incentivizes users to share the app with their network and grow the user base.

Overall, Reflex Cloud Mining is a great option for those who want to earn crypto without having to invest in expensive mining hardware or actively trade on exchanges. With its passive earning options and referral program, users can earn $RFX easily and without much effort.

MetaReflex World

MetaReflex World is a mobile game app that features a play-to-earn crypto game and a metaverse app. Users can create their own avatars, which they can use to perform various activities within the game world.

One of the primary ways to earn $RFX in MetaReflex World is through work. Users can send their avatars to work and earn $RFX based on the hours they work. They can also buy properties within the game world and earn a passive income.

Additionally, users can improve their avatar's skills by going to the gym or school. These skills include intelligence, power, and other attributes that can help them succeed in the game world. Users can also engage in player-versus-player battles to earn more $RFX.

The metaverse aspect of MetaReflex World allows users to explore a virtual world, interact with other players, and engage in various activities. This creates a rich and immersive experience that keeps users engaged and coming back for more.

Overall, MetaReflex World offers a unique and engaging way for users to earn free crypto. With its play-to-earn model, users can enjoy a fun and interactive gaming experience while earning $RFX at the same time.


Topixer is a platform that allows users to write and publish articles about various topics, including news, cryptocurrency, finance, and business. What's unique about Topixer is that users can earn $RFX based on the views their articles receive and the size of their audience.

This incentivizes users to create quality content that is engaging and valuable to their readers. The more views an article receives, the more $RFX the author earns. This creates a win-win situation where authors are rewarded for their efforts and readers benefit from high-quality content.

Additionally, Topixer has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to write and publish articles. Users can also collaborate with other authors to create a network of writers and readers who share similar interests.

Overall, Topixer is a great option for those who enjoy writing and want to earn crypto. By providing a platform where writers can monetize their content and readers can discover quality articles, Topixer creates a vibrant ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.

Reflex VOD

Reflex VOD is a video platform similar to YouTube, where users can publish videos and earn $RFX based on the views their videos receive. This provides content creators with a way to monetize their videos and earn a passive income.

Users can also sell their videos on Reflex VOD and set a subscription cost for their channel. This allows content creators to offer exclusive content to their viewers and build a loyal following.

What sets Reflex VOD apart from other video platforms is that it is powered by blockchain technology, which provides enhanced security and transparency for users. The blockchain technology also allows for seamless payments in $RFX, eliminating the need for third-party payment processors.

Overall, Reflex VOD is a great option for content creators who want to monetize their videos and earn cryptocurrency. With its user-friendly interface and blockchain-powered technology, Reflex VOD offers a secure and efficient way for users to share and earn from their video content.