Reflex & Finexca

Finexca is a Digital Exchange that aims to make it easier to buy, sell, transfer, convert, store, withdraw cryptocurrencies, gifts cards, E.T.C from any part of the world

Some standout features of FINEXCA that makes it unique includes but not limited to
-Solid customer support system
-Simple and Powerful API
-High security
-Low transaction fees
-Large order Execution
-Multiple local payments channel(FIAT)

As the Finexca brand begins to gain momentum and recognition in the blockchain/cryptocurrency space as a credible and reliable exchange, The Finexca team has now decided to open the door of partnership with other blockchain based projects

This partnership aims to be a platform to propagate the awareness of the concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency and its main purpose is to increase the speed and level of adoption.

Benefits of partnership with Finexca
-Free listing on our exchange after thorough review of projects
-Discounted/Free listing on Finexca partner’s exchange
-Opportunity to promote projects/token in the geographical area of the African markets
-Advertisement and promotion of projects
-AMA session with projects in partnership with Finexca
-Fiquidity(At discounted prize): Market Making, Digital assets liquidity, real time and historical market data service via unified API
-(For ERC20-based projects) Opportunity to get your tokens upgraded from the antiquated ERC20 protocol to the enhanced & more efficient ERC777 protocol at a discount price from!

Learn more about the ERC777 protocol here:

Finexca will be hosting a blockchain event in Africa for all its partners in the 1st quarter of the year 2020 with team members of project partners set to be present from all parts of the world.

Useful Links to know more about Finexca
- Website:
- Telegram ANN:
- Whitepaper(pdf):

ERC 777:

FINEXCA: Exchange with a difference