Reflex & BitcoinVend (New Partnership)

Reflex (RFX) is going to be listed on BitcoinVend!

BitcoinVend is a next-generation exchange that makes Cryptocurrency practical, straightforward and work in the real world.

BitcoinVend combines three core features in one simple app:
  • Exchange
  • Marketplace
  • Instant Payments
The BitcoinVend App allows you to trade crypto at best prices or peer-to-peer, like an exchange plus LocalBitcoins but simplified, buy or sell almost anything directly from other users, like eBay & Facebook Marketplace and pay individuals and businesses instantly like PayPal but specifically for crypto.

Reflex Token ($RFX) will be listed on BitcoinVend shortly after their product becomes available to download for the general public, the timelines for which you can read more about on their roadmap.

Learn more about the BitcoinVend project on their:
Website -  Telegram - Twitter