News and Updates (October 2022)

Here we are guys, new updates on our Reflex project are here for you.

As you have seen, if you are following our communications on our Telegram channel, we are improving every application and every platform of our ecosystem.

We are not finished yet, many other news will arrive soon, in the meantime we explain in this article everything we are doing and what we have planned.

There is a lot to know, so take your time.

Reflex Cloud Mining v2.7

There is a new fresh update of our main app "Reflex Cloud Mining" on the Google Play Store where we improve the app and we change some more things:
  • Increase the mining rate for everyone up to +15%.
  • Changes for the PRO version which is now a monthly subscription.
  • The BOOST for the PRO users will be a x3 instead of x2 for the first month after the update (so you will earn the triple from every mining activity).
  • The DAILY BONUS reward will be increased up to 100 $RFX for the first month after the update and then will be set to 50 $RFX.
  • Changed some advertisements removing annoying ads.
  • Fixed bugs.
--> Update the App now

The older users who already had the PRO version can fill the following form and enter their purchase code to receive a coupon with 2 months free subscription and 5000 RFX in their Reflex Cloud Mining account.


Space Hunting App Balance

Yes, we know you are waiting for the remaining balance of the old Reflex Space Hunting app, and we promise this time that we'll release your remaining balance before the end of October, and we will give you the double (x2) of what you are waiting for.

So if you had 1000 $RFX remaining you will receive 2000 $RFX in your Cloud Mining balance.

Reflex VOD

You may have seen already the release again of the Reflex VOD platform in BETA version.

This platform is a complete web3 platform which allows you to publish videos and earn from the views of the video, from the advertisement the other people see over your content, you can sell videos and earn $RFX, you can set a subscription cost for your followers where they can support you and follow you paying in $RFX and much more.

You can use $RFX to buy the PRO version of the platform which will give you much more privileges and advertise whatever you want on the platform paying completely in $RFX.

So it is our first web3 platform which runs at 100% with $RFX only!

Join it and learn more.



October Giveaway

As you know we are running a giveaway every month, we like to keep you active and to reward you for your time and your interest in Reflex from 3 years now.

The October giveaway is active and ready to be joined already, don't lose time and try to grab your luck as soon as you can. 


MetaReflex World

This is our most interesting platform for the future. We are building our own metaverse world on web3 blockchain technology. If you want to learn a little bit more about it you can read this article.

Many more news about this will be released soon, including the official website and presentation. Stay tuned!


Well it's a long article to read and we prefer to finish here for now, there is so much more to say and to discover in all our ecosystem of apps and platform, step by step, we are sure you'll learn everything better.

The new era of the web3 is here, join it with us.


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