Interview with the Incognito Network Team (Q&A)

- What is Incognito chain?

Incognito Network - a universal privacy hub that enables incognito mode for any blockchain. We take a different approach, based on the premise that people don’t want a new cryptocurrency with privacy. What they really want is privacy for their existing cryptocurrencies.

We have a lot of products:

  1. Wallet
  2. DEX
  3. Privacy for DeFi (integration of Kyber, Uniswap, 0x). 

Follow the link to learn more about us. 

- Why did you make a partnership with Reflex?

Reflex is a promising project, we will be happy to list RFX tokens and give their users the possibility to trade it anonymously without any barriers. 

- How can I invest in Reflex through Incognito?

You can buy Reflex on the Incognito DEX. 

- How can I earn RFX on Incognito?

You can provide liquidity to the RFX-PRV trading pair and get the liquidity providers reward. You can read more about that here

- What is the price of RFX on Incognito?

Incognito DEX is disconnected from external markets. If token prices change on external markets, an algorithm doesn’t automatically adjust its prices. Reflex team set up the price at the moment of providing first liquidity to the pair. Then it will be changed according to the users’ orders.