Earn RFX watching Live Stream

From today Reflex is on Twitch.

You can watch live stream and earn free Live RFX (LRFX) that you can convert in RFX.

1 LRFX = 1 RFX

Join now on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/reflextoken

- Watch live stream: Earn 1 LRFX every 10 minutes
- Tips: Every $1 = 50 LRFX
- Follow: Earn 10 LRFX
- Subscribe: Earn 150 LRFX

Write in the Twitch Chat these commands:

!ticket (To enter the giveaway for free)
!balance (Check your LRFX balance)
!ask payout (To request the payment of your LRFX, once you reach 300 LRFX)
!ask message (To send a message in the live stream, COST: 10 LRFX)
!songrequest "youtube url or title" (To add your favorite song to the queue, COSTS 1 LRFX)
!info (Some usefull information about the stream)
!sub (information about the subscription)