Advertise your Website or Business with Reflex

Now you can advertise your business with Reflex.
We accept BTC, ETH and RFX as payment method and your banner will be seen by thousands of people every day.

We will provide detailed statistics at the end of your campaign.

Do you need visitors? Do you sell something online?
Advertise with Reflex and reach up to 15,000 users every day.

  • What do we offer?
(Your image will be added to the Dashboard of the app and when the users click it they will be redirected to your link)

(We'll send a notification to all our users and when they click it will be redirected to your link)

  • How much does it cost?
- BTC Payment
Banner Ad cost:  0.0018 BTC / 7 days
Push Notification cost:  0.004 BTC

- ETH Payment
Banner Ad cost: 0.07 ETH / 7 days
Push Notification cost: 0.16 ETH

- RFX Payment
Banner Ad cost: 8000 RFX / 7 days
Push Notification cost: 20000 RFX

Do you want to learn more?
--> Visit the "ADVERTISEMENT" section from the left menu of the Reflex Cloud Mining App, or contact our Team members.

*The reflex team has the right to accept or decline any ads campaign and if it will be declined then you will be refunded.