CoinKeeper and Reflex partners to bring about a revolutionary change in social media

CoinKeeper is the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange.

CoinKeeper creates a managerial foundation of ICO and IEO so that start-ups can draw up their plans and strategies for token sale.

The Exchange in CoinKeeper lists all projects that have been analyzed, evaluated and censored through smart contracts and project authenticity.

Reflex (RFX) will be listed on CoinKeeper exchange on 02/02/2020.

CoinKeeper is the strategic partner at WBS in Jakarta

The World Blockchain Summit is an extraordinary gathering of intelligent and key players of the Crypto community all around the globe who connect at this great event to share ideas and innovations thus promoting blockchain roles and technology for the next generation.

CoinKeeper is a strategic partner in this year's edition of  WBS with a tremendous vision to solve problems of startups and serve as a booster for upcoming projects in the Crypto space.

It has also created an incentive for 20 winning projects in its voting contest to attend the summit this year.

You can vote for Reflex in their contest --> here <--