Reflex VOD is available!

Good news guys, Reflex VOD is available in BETA!

- What is Reflex VOD?
It's our first complete platform where everyone can earn and use RFX simply by sharing videos.

- How you can earn RFX?
You can earn RFX with the number of views your videos receive, with the number of ads clicks over your video, selling videos, you can set a price that the users need to pay to subscribe to your channel, and many more.

- How you can spend RFX?
Buy the PRO mermbership that will give you more features on Reflex VOD, subscribe to your favorite channels, you can advertise on the platform banners or videos and pay directly in RFX, buy private videos and a lot more coming.

- How to access Reflex VOD?
You can use our video platform from any device simply going to the website:

Try it now and start earning with your videos!

*Reflex VOD is in BETA version, so you could find some issues. Contact us if you need help with any feature.