Reflex Cloud Mining v2.0 (New Update)

Reflex Cloud Mining has been updated to the Version 2.0!

We are working hard to improve the features of our app and we are happy to announce that a new update is available on Google Play.

- What did we add?

We added some new sections in the left menu of the app that allow you to explore more features of the Reflex ecosystem:
  • Exchanges and Price
In this section you can see the price chart of the Reflex Token updated in real time, the list of all the exchanges that support the trading of RFX, and we added also some cool statistics.

  • Live Stream
As you already know Reflex is activated a new way to earn more, live stream on Twitch. We have added the specific section with the player from Twitch that shows when we are live and an explaination of how it works.

  • Deposit
Now you can deposit RFX directly in your Cloud Mining balance, so if you have some RFX on your external wallet or exchanges you can top up your balance to stake it and earn more.

  • Advertisiment
From now on everyone is able to buy ads space with RFX, BTC, ETH and add their banners and websites advertisement in the Cloud Mining dashboard, so everyone can see it.

So what are you waiting for? Update the app and try the new features.