(App Update) Reflex Cloud Mining v2.2

It will graciously satisfy some of you to affectionately know that the Reflex Cloud Mining app had been updated. YES!

No more sluggishness but improved speed and usability, that's not all!
The newly updated app currently contains a new graphic style, and the most substantial thing in common is that the bugs are being fixed.

We are still working on it and we'll try to improve it on a regular base.

NOTE: If you haven't envisioned any fundamental changes in the Reflex app, eagerly try clearing the app caches and instantly update the mobile app on PlayStore (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.reflextoken.cloudmining).

With the updated version of the Reflex Cloud Mining app, some features are now available as PRO; if you're carefully seeking effective means to mine faster than the ordinary mining method the PRO version is strongly recommended.

To be able to use the PRO features you need just a one-time payment and the new sections will be available for you forever.


  • Extra Boost x2Activating this feature your mining activity will reward you the double RFX for 6 hours.
  • Daily RewardLogin every 24h in this section to claim your daily bonus. The reward amount may change with the time, so make sure to login every day to not lose any RFX.
*There will be more sections and more features for PRO users in the future, so the price of the PRO section may be different in the future, grab as soon as possible!

Remember that PRO users earn more a lot more then normal users.